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B U S I N E S S       F O C U S E D       I T         E X P E R T I S E

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About Daysha


  • Previous ATS wasn’t working well
  • Not user friendly
  • Non customisable
  • Lack of reporting/metrics


  • Worked closely with Carrig Solutions;
  • Created list of must have features;
  • Carrig Solutions proposed Zoho Recruit;
  • Carrig tailored the platform for the needs of Daysha.



  • Price drop from €330 for 3 users per month to $75 per month with Zoho Recruit;
  • Improved client experience;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Easier for staff to use;
  • Looking towards an integrated suite with Zoho CRM.

Case Study: Daysha Consulting

The Problem at Hand

Daysha Consulting is an IT project management consultancy firm.

The fast pace of this business means that Daysha must remain flexible, responsive and agile in order to find the best candidate for each job.

Unfortunately, the company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) wasn’t able to keep up.


Daysha conferred with Carrig Solutions who had previous experience with Zoho products. They were impressed by Zoho Recruit’s customisable interface and ease of use.

Working closely with Carrig Solutions, Daysha Consulting created a list of 57 core features that Zoho must provide to be considered as the chosen ATS and 10 additional features.

The digital engineering team at Carrig Solutions tailored Zoho Recruit to the unique needs of Daysha Consulting including developing new forms, new feeds, created new email templates and provided additional training to staff members.


Daysha Consulting has seen a number of very positive results from switching to Zoho Recruit. Where the company was previously paying €330 per month for 3 users (€110 per user per month). With Zoho Recruit Daysha only pays $75 per month for 3 users (just $25 per user per month).

Daysha estimates that ATS maintenance is now 3 times quicker than it was before.

All the staff at Daysha agree that Zoho Recruit is much easier to use and everyone can easily find the information that they need.

The additional functionality has even improved the experience of their clients by decreasing the waiting time and improved reporting options and metrics.

By working closely with Daysha Consulting, Carrig were able to minimise the downtime between switching to their new ATS and ensure that Daysha was given exactly what the company required.

Brendan O’Rielly, Managing Director at Daysha Consulting:

”The Carrig team did a terrific job of capturing our needs and converting them into a slick Zoho solution that fits neatly with our business on a day to day and long term planning basis. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any other clients.”