Service Aggregation

B U S I N E S S       F O C U S E D       I T         E X P E R T I S E
IT support

Your business has multiple locations, multiple systems, and multiple suppliers, and managing them all is a major headache. You think globally, but you want to support local business. You need high service levels, and a rapid response, but you also need to contain costs.

What if you could:

  • Use a single supplier who would cover all your support requirements
  • Support local suppliers
  • Save costs
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • And still ensure high quality service

You can – by contacting Carrig Solutions. We have created a unique offering, one that aggregates the service offerings of multiple local suppliers into a single service, with a single point of contact. All our services are governed by a Service Level Agreement that applies to both Suppliers and Customers. This ensures that we can measure the service being provided, and we only work with suppliers who will meet our high standards.

We cover all areas of IT Infrastructure, from Servers and PCs, through CCTV and alarm systems. From Digital Signage through in-store TV systems, if it has a plug – we have a local service expert available to fix it.